Welcome to the Kyäni family!

We want to congratulate you for your decision to build your future by teaming up with Kyäni. Our goal is to make this world a better place; by having a positive impact on peoples’ lives – both financially and— most importantly—their wellbeing. It is our mission to bring better health to peoples lives and provide a business model to those who are interested in helping us on this journey.

With your decision to build a business with Kyäni, you have chosen the Kyäni EVENT PACK, — a powerful business building pack, created to make your business successful from the start. You will find a lot of products in this EVENT PACK, which you can use for yourself but also you can hand out to potential customers as samples. Together with our 100 percent% satisfaction guarantee, you will be able to create your customer database very effectively.

BUT it doesn’t end there! You have chosen the perfect moment—the moment THE WAVE events are arriving in Europe—to join Kyäni’s business! Kyäni is taking Europe by storm with a powerful concept called THE WAVE. The next event will take place soon. You can reserve your ticket today by clicking the link below! After registering with your name, please go to the TICKET section on the registration page to check in with your Kyäni ID Number.

Check in for your event:

Use this link to check in for THE WAVE Vienna Event

Use this link to check in for THE WAVE Tallinn Event

You are now registered for this event. Don’t miss the chance to participate in the Leadership Training and the party after the event, as these events are a key part of your path to success.

We have saved the best for last! With your Kyäni EVENT PACK, you will get your ticket at THE WAVE event for just 15€ at the door instead of paying 129€! That is our Welcome Gift to you to help you to build a more successful business.

Once you have attended THE WAVE, you will understand why the Kyäni EVENT PACK is such an effective way to build your business. It is a good idea to bring all your future business partners with you to these events, which are held three times every year. Together you’ll learn from top leaders and the corporate executive team how to boost your business and increase sustainable growth in your Kyäni business.

Once more, welcome to our Kyäni family. We look forward to know you personally at one of our next events!

Kyäni Corporate and your European CEO Council