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With your decision to build a business with Kyäni, you have chosen the Kyäni EVENT PACK — a powerful business building pack, which includes your Ticket for the next WAVE EVENT taking place soon.

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After registering with your name, please go to the TICKET section on the registration page and chose your event to check in with your Kyäni ID Number (Ticket ID = Kyäni ID).

To get your seat, you will have to pay only 15 EUR at the door.

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Use this link to check in for THE WAVE Vienna Event

Use this link to check in for THE WAVE Vilnius Event

You are now registered for this event. Don’t miss the chance to participate at the Leadership Training as well, as this event is a key part of your success. Your price for this Leadership Training with The Coach For Celebrities Tim Storey, will be 49€.

As we have limited seats don`t miss the chance to reserve your seat right away!

Once more: Welcome to the Kyäni family!

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